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2019 HFSA Summer Ice Registration



Welcome to the HFSA 2019 Summer Ice Registration with Hutchinson Figure Skating Club!

This registration session will allow you to complete (or edit) contact information, sign up for ice sessions and submit payment. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account.

Class descriptions


Delta/FS 1: Skaters will learn FS 1/2 elements along with proper entry and exit of all jumps and spins.  FS 1 elements include: Forward inside pivot, 2-foot spin, forward arabesque, backward outside/inside edges, one-half flip and waltz jump.  FS2 elements include: Ballet jump, Waltz jump sequence, half lutz, 1-ft spin, 2 forward arabesques & dance step sequence.


FS2/3: Skaters will learn FS3/4 elements along with proper entry/exit of all jumps and spins.  FS3 elements include: backward outside or inside pivot, change foot spin, backward arabesque, toe loop or toe walley jump, dance step sequence. FS4 elements include: flip jump, loop jump, sit spin, one-half loop jump, 2 backward arabesques (one on each foot), backward outside and inside 3-turns along with dance step sequence.


  FS4/5 class: Elements from each level will be introduced with proper entry and    exit of all jumps and spins.


FS5 Elements: Lutz jump, axel jump, camel spin, camel-sit-upright spin, fast back scratch spin, Left Forward Outside Closed Swing Choctaw, Left Forward Inside Open Choctaw, Left Forward Outside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Twizzle, Right Back Outside Twizzle / Dance Step Sequence


FS 6 Elements: Split Jump, Split Falling Leaf Jump, Jump Sequence – Axel / One-Half Loop / Flip Jump, Double Salchow Jump, Cross Foot, Layback, or Sit Change Sit Spin (choice of one) Spin Combination with change of foot and position, Right Forward Outside Rocker, Left Backward Inside Counter, Right Back Inside Loop, Back Inside Loop / Dance Step Sequence


Jump and Spin - All levels:  Learn about the basic figure skating jumps and spins; focusing on all jumps and combination jumps and also a variety of spins, both required and uncaptured spins


Moves In the Field - All levels:  Skaters are introduced to an area of USFS, “moves in the field” tests.  Skaters will learn and practice connecting moves and patterns on the ice. Moves are about posture, carriage, flow, power, and quickness.


Dance Step/Transitions - All levels: This class will focus on all levels of dance steps and transition steps. Transitions are the performance of footwork, skating movements, body movements i.e. steps, turns, stroking

To Note:

An automatic $100 price increase will incur on Midnight (Morning of) 6/10/19 and after. You will not incur this fee prior to this date and time.

All skating sessions the maximum number of skaters is 20.

REGISTER FOR THE LAST LEVEL YOUR SKATER HAS PASSED. Example, if your skater has passed FS3 and is working on FS4, register for sessions Delta-FS3 sessions.

Thursday June 28th will be testing (6 skater minimum to have test session) and Summer Exhibition; sessions will be cancelled 6/28.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Kirsten Staples


Phone: (320) 583-7944